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Oh the wind blows
By my windows
The leaves and branches bend and sway
And the birds and butterflies
Flap their wings and they look surprised
As they try not to get carried away

But, I know
What to do
On a day like today.

I’m gonna fly my big kite big kite
Ooh big kite big kite
Everything is just right just right
When I fly my big kite
Big kite big kite
Ooh big kite big kite
Everything is just right just right
When I fly my big kite

At the park and at the zoo
People hold their hats
They hold onto balloons
And walk leaning forward into the wind
But not me I’m looking for that big sky
A big old place where my big kite can fly
Away from the buildings and the power lines
Yeah I’m gonna have a really good time ‘cause


Before each flight
The colors of my kite
They look alright
But they’re not that bright
It’s in the sunlight
Those colors get to pop
My kite gets to shine
Until the wind stops
With all the other kites
Way out on the beach
All flying so high
Up out of reach
There’s box kites, stunt kites, kites with tails
Big kites, small kites, parasails
All working together
Kaleidoscope sky
Smiles on the faces of the people passing by
And it’s no wonder why
Hey, look what we’re doing
All of these kite’s flying out in the blue and


Mark’s awesome trumpet solo!


from The New Explorers Club, released October 19, 2010
Lyrics by Dan Flannery

Featuring the Gooby Gabba Horns:
Mark Tipton - Trumpet
John Maclaine - Trombone & Euphonium
Brian Graham - Tenor and Baritone Saxophones



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Flannery Brothers Maine

It’s feel good music of the highest order, and it should easily prove infectious to listeners young and old.

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